Weight-Loss Program Offers Surgical Options and More

Patients wanting to lose weight know that a dual strategy of eating less and changing to healthy habits can help them reach their goals. That’s why Memorial’s Weight-Loss Surgery Program – located at Memorial Hospital Pembroke and Memorial Hospital West – offers a range of surgical procedures to reduce food intake, plus a comprehensive follow-up treatment plan that includes nutritional guidance, counseling and continuous support.

In Memorial’s program, patients can select the stomach-reducing procedure that will work most effectively for them: the lap band, the laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass or the sleeve gastrectomy. Another option is the intragastric balloon, a minimally invasive procedure in which a removable, saline-filled silicone balloon is placed temporarily in the stomach to make the patient feel fuller.

Whichever procedure a patient chooses, participating in a customized follow-up plan after surgery will help that patient stay focused on weight-loss goals and feel like “I’m me again.”

“Memorial’s Weight-Loss Surgery Program helps people experience success they haven’t known their entire lives,” said Brett Cohen, MD, Chief of Bariatrics. “At Memorial, we’re committed to providing a wide range of bariatric surgical options, and then working closely with bariatric patients after their procedures – to help them make steady progress toward their goals, and to help maintain the support system they need to make changes that will last a lifetime.”

Travelle Lives Life to the Fullest
after Weight-Loss Surgery

Travelle lost more than 100 pounds after weight-loss surgery at Memorial. Before surgery, he had difficulty walking and missed out on activities that meant the most to him. Dr. Jeremy Gallego Eckstein performed a sleeve gastrectomy, which helped Travelle begin a more active lifestyle with his family and boost his career.

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