Joint Replacement Center: Striving Toward Excellence

Memorial’s Joint Replacement Center has marked two successful years of serving patients in need of hip and knee replacements and treatment for conditions such as arthritis and osteoarthritis.

The Joint Replacement Center provides:

  • Coordinated care in a dedicated, 14-bed joint replacement unit
  • A wide array of traditional and nontraditional treatments, delivered by a staff trained specifically in orthopedic care
  • Monthly group therapy sessions (“The Power of the Group”), plus classes and seminars that keep patients informed on their pre- and postoperative care
  • Ongoing support materials such as a guidebook and daily newsletters

The goals of the Joint Replacement team are straightforward: Speed patients’ recovery times so that they can resume the activities they enjoy without pain, return them home as soon as possible, and provide customized care that involves patients’ support networks and addresses all their needs.

Memorial Joint Replacement Center’s structure and services were based on the same multidisciplinary, integrated service that was also offered by the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Washington, DC – where Carl Eierle, MD, now Medical Director of Memorial Joint Replacement Center, served as director.

Our team at Memorial is successfully replicating the approach used by Walter Reed to perform competitively on metrics such as lowered complication rates, fewer infections and reduced length of stay. We’re on track to creating a Center of Excellence and becoming the premier center for joint replacement in Broward County.”
– Carl Eierle, MD, Medical Director, Memorial Joint Replacement Center

Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery Changes Marc’s Future

After living in pain for years and putting off a hip replacement, Marc was out of options. At age 57, by his own admission, his quality of life was suffering. Severe pain was constant.

“Getting in the car – I was like an 80-year-old man trying to get in there,” he said.

Marc decided to go to Memorial Joint Replacement Center, which specializes in anterior hip replacement surgery – a less invasive procedure than traditional replacement surgery.

Four hours after his hip replacement, Marc was walking with a walker. That evening he was in physical therapy. Now pain-free, Marc is able to work, exercise and participate in family outings again.

“I should have done it earlier,” he said. “I can’t turn back the hands of time, but I can change the future. And I did.”

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