*FY2018: May 1, 2017-April 30, 2018

“With three locations to choose from, The Family Birthplace has become a destination provider for expectant moms and families seeking the full scope of maternity services. Memorial delivers more than half the babies in all of Broward County! And that’s not only because we offer warm, homelike environments that are welcoming to the entire family, but also because we provide the support, education and high-quality care that our patients need for happy and healthy pregnancies and deliveries. Providing outstanding maternity care means we can help families build memories they’ll cherish for years to come.”
Grisel Fernandez-Bravo, ARNP, MBA, DNP

Administrator and Chief Executive Officer, Memorial Hospital Miramar


Twins Meet Nurse Who Cared For Them As Infants

The Family Birthplace: Connie’s First Choice


After 12 years in different roles at Memorial Hospital Miramar, Connie has seen the hospital from both sides – as a caregiver and as a patient.

She began her career in general X-ray, became a mammographer, was promoted to clinical coordinator and is now Imaging Services Manager.

“It’s been exciting to be part of this since the beginning, even before patients walked through the door,” Connie said.

She knows the quality of care patients and families receive. That’s why, when it came to delivering her girls, there was no question it would be at Memorial Hospital Miramar’s Family Birthplace.

During her first delivery, she was frightened to learn she needed a Caesarean section, but the care team calmed her fears.

“At that moment everyone was very comforting,” Connie said. “It’s scary going into the operating room and facing the reality of what was going to happen. I was assured I would be okay.”

Throughout her stay, she experienced the attentiveness and compassion of doctors, nurses and the entire care team from a patient’s perspective.

“After delivering, they brought my baby to my room when I wanted to see her,” she said. “Their attention to detail and all of my needs were above and beyond. They treated me like family.”