Memorial Offers New Weight-Loss Options

Memorial’s Weight-Loss Surgery Program now provides a wide selection of weight-loss procedures to meet patients’ needs. Options include a stomach-reducing “band” operation, sleeve gastrectomy, Roux-En-Y gastric bypass, gastric plication, intragastric balloon and more.

To encourage effective weight reduction and long-lasting lifestyle changes, Memorial also has launched a Medical Weight-Loss Program offering nutritional guidance, meal replacements, options for prescription medications and physical therapy.

Since 95 percent of patients fail to lose the weight they want through other programs, we at Memorial are pleased to offer them the high-quality, long-term solutions they need to get their lives back.
— Brett Cohen, MD, FACS, Chief of Bariatrics

Tyra Is Ecstatic After Memorial Bariatric Weight-Loss Surgery

Before bariatric weight-loss surgery at Memorial, Tyra’s family health history was working against her. Her mother and three aunts had hypertensive heart attacks before they were 50.

Despite Tyra’s efforts to exercise and lose weight, she suffered from high blood pressure and sleep apnea, and feared a heart attack would take her life before her son turned 10.

“I’d always been a big girl and was over 350 pounds at the time,” Tyra explained.

Bariatric surgeon Emil Matei, DO, and his team put Tyra at ease as she prepared for surgery, and a nutritionist helped her lose 25 pounds before her procedure.

A laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy reduced her stomach size, her caloric intake and appetite. Dr. Matei described her 120-pound post-surgery weight loss as excellent.

“My life is very different,” Tyra said. “Without the Memorial team, I wouldn’t have made it through the process. It’s all about the life you live after surgery. I’m ecstatic!”

Tyra is a successful patient who was struggling with weight loss and now is doing great.
— Emil Matei, DO, Bariatric Surgeon

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