Joint Replacement:
More Treatment Options for Patients

Patients needing procedures like total hip replacements to help with conditions such as arthritis and osteoarthritis received great news in July 2015, when the Joint Replacement Center opened at Memorial Hospital West.

The Joint Replacement Center provides:

  • Coordinated care in an exclusive, dedicated unit
  • A broad range of traditional and alternative treatments
  • Monthly classes and seminars on preoperative and postoperative care for patients undergoing joint replacement
  • A guidebook and daily newsletters

Goals include:

  • Expedite patients’ recovery so they can get back to the activities they enjoy
  • Reduce anxiety by substantially reducing length of stay
  • Provide patients and families with an inclusive process that focuses on their needs
Memorial Joint Replacement Center helps patients with joint pain and discomfort explore all treatment options and choose the one that can best get them back to pain-free living. Well-informed patients have less anxiety and better outcomes, so we’re dedicated to helping them understand their joint dysfunction and make sound decisions about their care.
— Gerri Marquez, Director, Orthopedic-Joint Replacement Services

Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery Puts Kay Back on Course

Kay was experiencing incredible hip pain that radiated to her lower back and knee. It became so debilitating that she was unable to do the things she loved, like play golf and ride motorcycles.

She went to her doctor, who recommended she visit Carl Eierle, MD, medical director at Memorial Joint Replacement Center.

Based on X-rays and the advancement of her osteoarthritis, Dr. Eierle felt there was only one treatment left for Kay.

“I recommended anterior hip replacement surgery,” said Dr. Eierle. “That facilitated her desire to resume an active lifestyle.”

Memorial Joint Replacement Center specializes in anterior hip replacement surgery, a less-invasive procedure than traditional hip replacement. Kay was up and into physical therapy the same day. Because Kay was meant to move, it wasn’t long before she was golfing again.

“It was the first time I’d been without pain for over two years,” she said. “It was miraculous. I feel 20 years younger.”

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