We’re offering access to healthcare in new, convenient ways such as:

MemorialDocNow MY Care Schedule Healthy Outreach Patient Engagement

Consulting a Physician from Virtually Anywhere

Technology is changing lives, and MemorialDocNow is expanding the ways people are receiving their healthcare.

Rolled out in March 2016 to Memorial employees enrolled in Memorial’s health plans, MemorialDocNow is an online service that lets participants virtually visit with a doctor affiliated with Memorial, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital or American Well’s Online Care Group.

Participants can consult with a board-eligible physician around the clock for:

  • General health consultations
  • Non-emergency urgent-care issues

Doctors are able to:

  • Diagnose
  • Recommend treatment
  • Prescribe medication

Within three months of launching, MemorialDocNow reported more than 2,800 enrollments, surpassing the program’s goal of enrolling 10 percent of the total 23,000 employees and dependents covered by Memorial Managed Care Plan (MMCP) and Memorial Consumer Health Plan (MCHP). The service is free to those covered in Memorial’s health plans in 2016.

Next steps – scheduled for fall of 2016 – include offering virtual visits to the following groups at $49 per visit:

  • Memorial employees who are not enrolled in Memorial health plans
  • Patients and healthcare consumers in the community
MemorialDocNow visits are private, secure and convenient. Memorial is proud to be at the forefront of virtual visits and other innovative ways to deliver effective, patient-centered healthcare to our employees, their dependents and the community.
— Nina Beauchesne, FACHE, Senior Vice President, Memorial Healthcare System

Memorial Hospital Pembroke Introduces Online Minor Emergency Care Scheduling

Patients who need minor emergency care – for, say, a sore throat or the flu – but can’t see a doctor right away can make an appointment with Memorial Hospital Pembroke’s new MY Care Schedule.

Launched in February 2016, MY Care Schedule helps Memorial Hospital Pembroke’s emergency and urgent care teams efficiently address the medical needs of our growing community.

MY Care Schedule is:

  • Easy – The online form takes less than a minute to complete
  • Convenient – Lets patients make appointments that suit their schedules (after work, or after school)
  • Fast – Patients can be seen within about 15 minutes after arrival

For patients booking appointments at Memorial Hospital Pembroke’s Urgent Care Center, ambulances are available for transport to any Memorial ER if necessary.

HOPE Expands, Bringing Coverage to More Uninsured

Since 2014, Healthy Outreach Patient Engagement (HOPE) – a partnership of Memorial Hospital Pembroke and South Broward Community Health Services – has worked to help uninsured patients locate and enroll in medical insurance programs.

This year, HOPE expanded its activities to all six hospitals in the Memorial system – stationing representatives at each Memorial hospital entrance, emergency room and urgent care center to help uninsured patients and families obtain coverage through:

  • The Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Healthcare Exchange
  • Medicaid
  • Florida KidCare, Healthy Kids
  • Financial assistance or charity care
  • Other state- and federally funded programs

After enrolling in coverage through HOPE, patients can access preventive care through South Broward Community Health Services, which links them to Memorial doctors and other providers and gives them a “medical home” through which they can maintain their health.

This year alone, the HOPE program:

  • Screened 10,274 patients
  • Converted 3,226 to some type of coverage
  • Helped saved $132,000 per month in additional Medicaid funds
A lot of people without insurance refrain from accessing healthcare because of the cost. But with the HOPE program helping them to qualify for coverage, these patients and families can get healthy, remain healthy and focus on their needs without the additional stress of a financial burden.
— Mark Doyle, Administrator and Chief Executive Officer, Memorial Hospital Pembroke

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